Events week

Events week was a great opportunity for our students to experiment with media.

IMG_3604Stencilling workshop in which the students printed onto t-shirts, tote bags and sketchbooks.


IMG_3627Image from Florence Shaw’s marbelling workshop.


IMG_3629IMG_3602Andy Vella ran a calligraphy workshop.


IMG_3603IMG_3606IMG_3613IMG_3611More marbelling


IMG_3610IMG_3609IMG_3607There was also a bookbinding workshop this week.


IMG_3614IMG_3615IMG_3616This image was produced during a letterpress workshop using our fantastic facilities in the print room.


IMG_3618Preparation for collages later on in the day.


IMG_3630The collages are created in the Grove’s Atrium.


IMG_3638IMG_3634IMG_3633IMG_3635IMG_3632IMG_3628Marbelling outcomes.


IMG_3625IMG_3626IMG_3624Stencilling workshop


IMG_3622IMG_3621IMG_3620IMG_3612IMG_3601There are fantastic facilities in the print room including letterpress, silkscreen and stone lithography.



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